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Investors - Corporate Governance

Transcript Earnings Call Q4 FY 2023-24

Investor Earnings Call Audio Q4 FY 2023-24

Reg 32-Statement of Funds Utilization-Q4-FY 2023-24

Reg 30(5)-Materiality of Events

Secretarial Audit Report-FY 2023-24

Q2 Financial Results-FY 2023-24

Scrutinizer Report-Postal Ballot-02.05.2024

Reg 32-Statement on Deviation or Variation of funds-Q4-FY 2023-24

Reg 32-Statement on Deviation or Variation of funds-Q2-FY 2024-25

Reg 32-Statement on Deviation or Variation of funds-Q1-FY 2024-25

Reg 32-Q1-FY 2024-25

Credit Rating 09.01.2024

Annual Secretarial Compliance Report FY 2022-23

Investor Presentation FY 23-24

Policy on Inquiry of Leaked UPSI

Dividend Distribution Policy

Policy on Remuneration to Non Executive Directors

Corporate Governance report for Q1 of FY 2023-24

Q4 Corporate Governance_Dhruv

Code of Conduct for insider Trading

Whistle Blower Policy Vigil Mechanism

Terms of Appointment of Independent Directors

Familiarization Programme for Independent Directors

Policy on Related Party Transactions

Code of Conduct for Directors and Senior Management

Policy for Determination of Materiality

Nomination and Remuneration Policy

Policy for Prevention of Sexual Harassment

Contact Details of Key Managerial Personnel

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

BSE Letter and Amended Code of Conduct

Archival Policy

Clarification Of SEBI Circular 03-11-2021

SEBI Circular 03-11-2021

Memorandum and Articles of Association

Memorandum and Articles of Association

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