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Roads and Highways


Building the Concrete Veins of Civilization

21st-century India is developing like never before. An expanding civilization, thriving industry, and rapid growth in infrastructure have led to a pressing need for appropriate and sustainable transportation. 

The natural solution is – a vast network of functioning, efficient, well-planned roads and highways that pump the lifeblood of our economy across old and new paths.

Roads and highways are key to the economic and social development of our modern nation. But, with great roads come great challenges.

Land acquisition constraints, planning for increasing growth, and vehicular traffic in limited budgets, while ensuring health, safety, and environmental compliances are just some of the reasons why efficient roads are a rarity even today.

At Dhruv Consultancy, we understand the vital role of a dynamic road transport network to ensure safe, reliable, and fast travel across the length and breadth of India. 

Our experience of 10+ years empowers us to assess every minute detail of the project and its projected impact to minimize financial risks, environmental consequences, and increase social prosperity. Our work with the NHAI and the Ministry of Road Transport of India has secured a place for us as a pioneer design consultancy for the Road and Highway sector.

Whether it be the rehabilitation of roads in Manipur to increase connectivity to remote villages, or the capacity augmentation project for the Yashwantrao Chavan Expressway connecting the hubs of Mumbai and Pune for faster, safer, pollution-free travel; we have proven, time and again, our expertise in designing exceptional roads and highways.

Browse our portfolio to learn more about our work in designing, authorizing, and inspecting national highways and roads in nearly all the states of India!

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