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Life At Dhruv

We are only as successful as the team we build.
Teams are built over conversations. Conversations that trigger thoughts and stir ideas. At Dhruv, we believe in creating an environment that makes these conversations happen. And often. Whether it is over a cup of tea or in the meeting room.

At Dhruv, we foster a close-knit, family-like environment where each of us is supportive of our coworkers and work cohesively. Co-workers quickly become friends and aren’t afraid to ask tough questions, raise risk issues, and truly engage one another in deep brainstorming sessions, just like we do with our family.

To do this, we promote informal events and activities that lets our people bond with each other, as people first. Because, only if you respect someone as a person, would it result in more efficient results.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our emphasis on diversity and inclusion fosters a positive work environment and enables us attract, grow and retain the best teams.
We provide a level playing field where you can use your talents, abilities and potential to become the best version of yourself.

70% of the workforce in Dhruv’s corporate office comprises of women, casting away gender bias. To enable ease of communication and comfort at the workplace, 2 of our directors are women, which helps us impart a sense of security and peace within our women workforce.

We are committed to a culture that leverages our different styles, ideas and perspectives. We, as an organisation, are successful when all people are represented, valued and included at all levels.

That is how everyone’s contributions can positively impact the success of Dhruv Consultancy Services.

Indoor Engagement

Working at Dhruv is never all about work. We do have our fair share of fun too!

The team indulges in games, flash mobs and other activities to keep themselves upbeat and energetic.

At Dhruv, we promote a cohesive and an active working environment where the team can relax and work, promoting productivity and work satisfaction.

Outdoor Engagement

At Dhruv, our focus is the overall well being of our people, because after all, they are the true assets of the organisation. Apart from regular indoor engagements, we also plan yearly outdoor activities to revitalise and rejuvenate our team from the daily grind. It also gives the team a chance to mingle and know each other better fostering professional bonding among them.

Here are some best moments from our recent excursions.


Our people are our family and what better way to foster this kinship than celebrating your festivals with them!?

At Dhruv too, we celebrate every moment of joy and happiness together, being with each other and supporting those who need it.

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