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Why Us?

Here at Dhruv Consultancy Services Ltd, we believe our workforce are our torchbearers to the path to success. The company provides for an ecosystem that thrives on constant learning, cohesive development and individual growth alongside professional upscaling. 

At Dhruv, one works for the nation and is a substantial contributor to realising the Infrastructural dreams of India. Every employee is presented the opportunity to work in a close knit with erudites in the field and the government at every step.


We, at Dhruv, brace you for the next BIG change you want for your career. By working on diverse aspects of infrastructure, absorbing from the exposure and indulging in the expansive network; we assure that you check the right milestones for your growth.

Create Your own Path

Joining the Dhruv family means support, inspiration, flexibility—and countless opportunities to grow and learn.

At Dhruv, every individual creates their own, individual paths over their careers with us.
We entail an approach where creative growth, continuous learning and advancement in what interests you is necessary. We support this approach by rendering the necessary tools, the right people and a nurturing environment to help you achieve more.

Be it taking up a course, getting a certification or even gathering some hands-on experience; we brace you at every level. Every full-fledged member with their personal strengths is valuable to us and hence your personal upscaling is crucial to our collective success.

Collaborative Culture

At Dhruv, people build the innermost web of contact and these relationships matter to us.

A well-connected, working relationship is a role player in generating great work with interesting people. Co-workers, colleagues, mentors and peers who are excited about what they’re doing can be a healthy environment for you to grow.

We at Dhruv, seek to imbibe such relationships as they are a valuable source of job fulfillment, resourcefulness and greater work satisfaction among all. The collaborative, supportive nature of our culture helps create a friendly ecosystem for one to function well and cultivate success.

In order to infuse cohesiveness in our workforce, we regularly organise activities that promote team building, team coordination, seamless communication and build trust within each other.

Learning & Development

Every member at Dhruv bring in an incredible set of skills, abilities, and interests which reinforce our abilities. To help our team develop further personally as well as professionally, we arrange for professional trainings, workshops and seminars convened by domain experts.
We’re feeding efforts towards building the capabilities of our people to ensure that they can sustain success and grow within the company.

We are immensely proud of our employees, who, with their unwavering grit and trust in the management, have always stood by us. They are our family. And just like every family member needs to be cared for and nurtured, Dhruv Consultancy has taken incremental steps towards the wellbeing of our employees.

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