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Corporate Responsibility

The role of Infrastructure design, although seems very miniscule in scope as compared to that of development, is larger than it appears.
As a brand that specialises in crafting efficient, sustainable and scientifically sound infrastructure designs, it is needless to say that the responsibility that rests upon us is huge. Our work and processes are structured in such a way that it doesn’t affect the environment, the people, the communities around in any manner.

We have undertaken multiple initiatives under the EHS policy, towards the well being of the people who work with us, the people who would use the infrastructure that we design and the communities around it.


As a company involved in designing the country’s road infrastructure, there are times when the design demands a certain amount of environmental impair. During every project, our goal is to achieve the design-ecology balance to the maximum extent by undertaking maintenance and greening activities to restore the zone back to its original nature.


The primary strength of any services company like ours are the people – our employees, our investors, our vendors and all our stakeholders. It is with their support, co-operation and trust that we can dare to move forward. They are our most valuable assets and our social interventions are largely directed towards the welfare of our people throughout the year. And we are not talking about the perks and bonuses. We are talking about things like personal development workshops, internal brand activities, healthcare initiatives for our employees and recreational activities to keep the morale high.


Safety is the primary factor that needs to be taken into account while designing roads, highways, bridges and tunnels. This is because, every driver is different and no one has a control on situations if things take a bad turn. It is a huge responsibility to shoulder, as we design the very modes of transport that the common citizenry would use for years to come. At Dhruv, we adopt what we like to call as ‘Forgiving Road Design’ principle.

In this we design the roads in such a way that, inspite of the most fatal mistake by the driver while on the road, the design of the road ensures that the driver and the passengers remain out of harm’s way.

Investing in

Education has been one of our focal areas of interventions at a community level, where we enable students from remote parts of the country to learn about highway design from a practical standpoint. Conferences, guest lectures, internships are some of the many ways in which we reach out to young minds, as we feel they are the future of a developed India.
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