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Connecting people and places with soaring, structural bridges

Do you sometimes feel like bridges elevate more than just our vehicles? There’s something fascinating about driving across that magnificent structure, with the wind in your hair, almost as close to flying as you can get without actually sprouting wings!

While that might seem wonderful, building a bridge is no mean task. In fact, bridges are one of the most challenging structures to design, construct, and maintain, considering the variable loads that they carry at all points of time. In addition, they also carry the stress (pun intended) of the potential loss of life and property that might occur if they collapse !

Designing and building a bridge requires experience, imagination, and the drive for innovation.

Dhruv Consultancy has been a renowned name in the world of bridge builders in India since its inception. Our teams have extensive design experience and have helped connect the nation over rivers, valleys, high traffic urban areas, and highway separations. 

Our best project till date has been the construction of the Savitri river bridge, built to restart the Mumbai-Goa highway after the disastrous floods in August 2018. The 3-lane bridge was built in a scarce 5.5 months, when the usual time taken to complete a project of this magnitude is 30 months!

As a bridge expert, we have built a wide range of bridge types, including steel and concrete structures, medium-level bascule bridges, long bridges over water, elevated urban interstates, multilevel interchanges, and bridges across navigable waterways.

In addition, we also have a bridge inspection unit that assesses bridge safety to increase reliability and service life, helping to reduce maintenance, reconstruction, and replacement costs. We have performed a structural audit of all Bridges on National Highways with the MBIU, collecting data to create and preserve a Digital Inventory.

Having built a project portfolio of over {X} bridges, Dhruv Consultancy’s design services include –

Connect with us 09619497305 to discuss your bridge development or assessment requirements.

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